Hi! I'm Abenzer


About me

I am a highly motivated individual with strong analytical and problem solving-skills. I have the skills necessary to build great, appealing, and premium websites that meet the latest web standards.

UI/UX Designer & Web Developer.

My specialities include quickly learning new skills and programming languages, problem solving, responsive design principles, website optimization, and the Model View Controller (MVC) method of organizing code.

  • Birthday: 22 March 2000
  • Website: www.abenzermulugeta.com
  • Phone: +251 94589 5391
  • City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Bachelor degree in IT
  • Email: abenimulu650aau@gmail.com.com
  • Always: Available

So far I have ReactJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.JS, Express.JS, MongoDB, Photoshop, WordPress, Shopify, and Git/GitHub under my belt. I'm still enthusiastically grabbing onto any other programming languages, frameworks, or principles I can integrate into the coding web in my head.

My Skills

HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 100%
Express 96%
Mysql 95%
PHP 98%
JQuery 85%



Abenzer Mulugeta

Highly motivated and innovative individual with strong analytical and problem solving-skills.

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • +251 94589 5391
  • abenimulu650aau@gmail.com


Bachelor of Information Technology

2019 - 2023

University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Multi Render is a startup web development company founded by a group of creative and strategic individuals of various background.

Full Stack (MERN) Developer



Multi Render is a startup web development company founded by a group of creative and strategic individuals of various background.

Professional Experience

Front End Developer



  • Created responsive websites using HTML, CSS/Bootstrap and JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Wrote reusable, testable, and efficient codes for existing websites and apps.
  • Developed CRUD apps using Node.js Express, and MongoDB/MySQL

Graphic design specialist


ISABM, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Developed numerous marketing programs (logos, brochures,infographics, presentations, and advertisements).
  • Managed up to 5 projects or tasks at a given time while under pressure
  • Recommended and consulted with clients on the most appropriate graphic design
  • Created 4+ design presentations and proposals a month for clients and account managers

My Portfolio

"You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing."

  • All
  • Website
  • App
  • Design


I'm a great team player, and I enjoy working with others. some of my work qualities are listed below.

Web Development

I do some research before starting my development to choose the right way for the job.

Fully Responsive

I design my websites for every screen size available and I make sure it looks great on every device.

Beautiful Code

Working on projects, I write beautiful and clean codes to make them better readable for any partner or client.

On Time

Always responsible to complete any given project on time.

Quick Learner

I like to learn new things and I have the ability to learn it quickly


Easy to reach and happy to help.



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


+251 94589 5391

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